Universal pH Test Paper 100 Strips for Test Body Acid Alkaline pH Level Skin

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  • 0 - 14 pH test paper: each pH strip is made of good quality litmus paper, won't bleed like normal litmus paper, can get fast, accurate and reliable results in just seconds
  • Full pH range: it can test from 0 to 14, pH 0-14 color chart for you quickly compare the test results with the 4 colors pH panels on the card board, to obtain your solutions' pH
  • Easy to apply: to test the pH of a solution, you simply dip the pH strip into your solution, and the strip will change color immediately
  • Wide applications: pH paper test strips are good for detecting body acid alkaline pH level by testing urine, saliva; Also can be applied for schools, lab, drinking water, swimming pools, fish tank, hydroponics, aquariums, food, etc.
  • Package includes 1 boxes, 100 pieces for each box