Staedtler 326WP20 Noris Club Fibre Tip Pen with Wallet Assorted Colours 20pk

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Product Description

Staedtler Noris Club 326 fibre-tip pens are good quality fibre-tips for children, school or craft-use. The clear wallet contains 20 assorted colour pens. The ink is water-based so washes out of most textiles easily. The ink is also dry safe which means that the pen can be left with the lid off for days without the ink drying up (ISO test 554). The pens have a sturdy, pressure-resistant tip which is apt for younger users. The line width of the nib is approximately 1.0 mm. The pen also features a ventilated cap in accordance with safety standards ISO 11540 and BS 7272-1/2. The pens also conform to safety standard EN 71.

Box Contains

20 x Assorted noris club fibre tip pens