Tri Blade Spiralizer

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The food spiraliser is easy to use and incredibly versatile; perfect for use with a wide range of fruit and vegetables. With three interchangeable blades that when not in use, can slot neatly into the base of the spiralizer.
The tri-blade design gives you three different shapes of cuts; the thin cut creates thin, spaghetti-like noodles; the medium cut creates thicker noodles, similar in style to bucantini; while the thickest cut creates a ribbon-like spiral.
An ideal tool for a gluten / carb free or vegetarian / vegan diet; this spiralizer is perfect for making vegetable based noodles for stir fries or a fresh salad.
The manual handheld machine provides an efficient way to produce healthy meals. An easy to use turning handle makes cutting and spiralizing your ingredients effortless.
Dimensions: 220mm Height ¦ 290mm Width ¦ 145mm