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Smelly Proof Bags Air Tight Spice Herbs Food Bait Grip Seal Pouch Smell Baggies

Choose from 4 different Sizes:
6x9 cm
18.5x20 cm
24x28 cm
31.5x44 cm

100% Odour, vapour and moisture blocking,reusable bags are tear and puncture resistant.
keeps odors from getting out. Store fish, foods, herbs, cigars, dirty diapers, clothes and anything that smells.
Genuine - Beware of Imitations. Clear with "Smelly Proof" written across the front
unique odor proof bags are made with a special medical grade material approved by the FDA and USDA that keeps odors trapped inside sturdy locking zippers. Every bag you use is highly durable-puncture resistant and moisture repellant-making Smelly Proof Bags reusable and helping you save money.
P.S. The sizes are approx.