Lollipop Sticks Natural or Colour Wooden Lollypop Sticks

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Description100 pieces multi coloured wooden jumbo sticks in pack, include 6 different colours: blue, orange, red, yellow, green and purple. Each colour include approx 16 pieces.The sticks are made from natural wood and coloured by environmental-friendly pigment. Toxic-less but use as food accessories is not recommend. Great DIY craft sticks' length approx 5 inches, and the width of the sticks is approx 0.9cm. Could also be cut into short part to make suitable crafts.The sticks can become variety of practical daily necessities, such as coasters, pen holder and a variety of practical storage box. Also great for DIY art craft for kids,It is a very good way for children to have fun while developing physical, vitality, learning.