Chalk Pens Liquid Markers | 8 neon colour Liquid Chalks

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  • LIQUID CHALK PENS - NON-MESSY ALTERNATIVE TO CHALK - finally an answer to dusty chalk that smudges easily - brightly colored liquid markers can be used on all non-porous surfaces such as chalkboard, whiteboard, ceramic, glass, mirrors...
  • SAFE TO USE - US and EU safe standard approved, non-toxic, Xylene free chalk pens means they are safe for all the family to use
  • MULTIPLE USES - for teachers, retail outlet owners, families, can be used for events, crafts, signs, marking containers or pots, hundreds of different uses around the home or workplace
  • EASY TO ERASE - Used on smooth plane ,such as glass, plastic and can be cleaned by wet towel easily.
Each pack contains 8 neon colour Liquid Chalks.

How to activate your marker
1) Shake well with cap on and pointing upwards.
2) Pump the dry nib end until you see the ink flow over the end. This can take up to 30 seconds