2 x Elastic Ankle Support

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Twin pack light weight elasticated fabric neoprene ankle support feet protector brace gym sport sock
Durable and comfortable, providing support with superior comfort
Fits comfortably inside boots, sandals, shoes or skates with open toe and heel design, for full
unrestricted movement
Provides support and protection to muscles and joint helping with rheumatism and also can be used
more generally for sports activities
Provides comfortable pressure
Elastic fabric, one size fits most
Easy to wear, suitable for many sports
Washable and reusable, holds shape and size through repeated washes and use
Color: Blue
Package Contents:
2 x Elastic neoprene ankle support

Features and Benefits

- Provides a high level of support for the ankle joints

- Provides stabilization in ankle strains and sprains

- The neoprene material is ideal for heat retention which stimulates blood flow and speeds up healing process

- Can easily be worn inside most shoes